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Spell Brawl is a dueling game for mages. Combining a number of aspects from a wide array of genres like TCG (collectible card games), and puzzle games like Puzzle Quest. The end result is an original title with fun narrative and very dynamic challenges.

It's more than obvious that one of the main sources of inspiration behind Spell Brawl is Hearthstone, which is good. Players can create and build up their own deck with the cards that they obtain in packs over time. Not only that, using magic dust, you can improve your cards to obtain higher performance during battles.

The battles in Spell Brawl are slightly reminiscent of Puzzle Quest. Each one of the cards in your deck has a mana value that you unblock by linking spheres on the game board. When you do this, of course, you'll also inflict damage on your opponent, but the most important thing is using the cards in your deck. Some of the cards allow you to regain life points, others will protect you with shields, and many will give you the possibility to inflict damage on your enemy.

Spell Brawl is a dueling game that mostly takes place online. On the web, you'll enjoy battles that are quick and fun. Also, just like in Hearthstone, the possibilities of victory or defeat start with the creation of your deck of cards: strategy is the most important thing when it comes to winning the most difficult battles.
Spell Brawl — HearthStone and Puzzle Quest come together

The studio at Ministry of Games with headquarters in Helsinki received a 1.8 million euro seed in mid-2015. Until then, this kind of cash was only available to industry giants like SuperCell. Spell Brawl, their first video game, was meant to reciprocate the amount of trust they received from investors by developing an excellent hybrid of combat, collectible cards and —in HearthStones's footsteps— a combination of gem stones squares that are very reminiscent of Puzzle Quest gameplay.

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Android 4.4 or higher required.